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Track 4, buried below Penn Station, links two photographers in
space and time: New York’s Asher Bar Lev and Philadelphia’s Mary
Walton. Friends since the Sixties who went their separate ways, the two
were brought together 15 years ago by NJTransit.
Their paired exhibition, “Track 4,”opens from 6 to 9 p.m. May 10 at
Café 983 (“Bushwick’s Living Room,” 983 Flushing Ave.)
Asher Bar Lev can’t remember a time when he wasn’t involved in an
arts project. Most recently he produced the Take Two Film Festival for
daring new works. His own work has been shown in New York, Paris,
Berlin, Jerusalem and Nevis. Seen here for the first time, his Track 4
photos reflect the complexity of relationships.
Long immersed in photography, Mary Walton is a lifelong journalist
and book author. ( On January 1, 2016, Walton
made a New Year’s resolution to take a worthy photo every day. Seven of
the eight images in the exhibition are drawn from the 364 that fulfilled her
mission.(One day, she says, “I simply forgot. And one photo vanished in
the computer.”)